Documents and images to the large pool of information related to the Musée Royal des Beaux – Arts de Belgique

Applied digitisation to the art world is up and running in Belgium too. This is proven by the rich database named ARCHIBALD [ acronym of Archives for Belgian Art – Letters & Documents] created in 2004 and currently subjected to an action of constant progressive digitisation. One resource available online in two languages ​( French and Dutch ) containing numerous textual data and a limited number of low resolution images.

This is the digital instrument of the Musée Royal des Beaux – Arts de Belgique, a great team made ​​up of four different museum entities (the Oldmasters Museum, the Musée Fin- de – Siècle , the Modern Museum and the Musée Magritte) covering the artistic expressions linked to the wide period between the fifteenth and twenty-first century. An important source of information related to funds and collections of Les Archives de l’ Art contemporain en Belgique (AACB), documentation centre and archive in which testimonies of the Country artistic life are safeguarded with particular attention to the years ranging from the second half of the nineteenth century to the present day.

Online since 2009, the digital archive has been consolidated starting by the scientific research project titled “Les XX et la Libre Esthetique (1884-1914). Édition critique et Informatisation du fonds Octave Maus”, developed initially in the publication on web of more than 2,000 letters to famous art critic Octave Maus and then continue in a wide plan of digitisation of assets managed by the federal scientific entities of Belgium. An operation aimed primarily at sharing testimonies of Leon Spilliaert and René Magritte, the two most important painters of the kingdom , which has as its main objective the provision of users of documents kept all’AACB. A nice way to deepen the pillars of the art in Belgium surfing across time between photographs, calligraphies and images of famous and less famous artists.

Screenshot of Magritte search on ARCHIBALD

Screenshot of Magritte search on ARCHIBALD


Sara Rania


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