In ArteFiera Bologna 2015 are participating 188 galleries, that means 216 exhibitors. An increase of 10% compared to 2014 and 30% more than 2013.

Over two thousand exhibited works. Up than thousands of established or maiden artists.

Conventions during the Art Fair will touch topics like public and private investments in art, focusing on experiences in emergent markets in Asia and Middle East.

MyTemplArt will be present at the exhibition with an own space.During the event a preview of the cataloging platform. My TemplArt and promoting a debate on the certification of artworks in order to respond to the concerns proliferation of fakes and speculations in the art market.

If the art fairs are considered as networks, a key issue on contemporary scene is the lack of a reliable network for the exchange of information, an accessible, filtered and protected database for sharing, where gallery owners, artists, collectors and archives, each with their own skills, can contribute to a sudden communication and verification of information.

How can there be a planning and dynamic motivation for the future, if there is no clear understanding of the importance of the artwork documentation to protect its value?

Among the main events of ArtCity Bologna there is great expectation for the group show evocatively titled “Too early too late“, curated by Marco Scotini, which promises to be the biggest event ever organized in Italy dedicated to the art scene in the Middle East. At this link you can read our interview with the art critic on the topic of archiving, where he talked about cataloging as a working method, not exclusively linked to historicizing the past, but as a practice addressed to contemporary, that is intertwined with activities of critical reflection and aesthetic enhancement of the artist’s work.

[Image by ArteFiera Bologna]

Deianira Amico



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