The new project by Ex-Alt new Art curators Carlo Greco and Alessandra Magni brings more than 20 international and Italian Artists to Fabbrica on a journey to freedom through the Cathedral’s mystical aisles.

Cypriot Artist Panos (Stefanides) appears to be ‘blowing’ an East Wind, both literally (Cyprus is Europe’s furthermost eastern country) and metaphorically, in the mystical ‘Cathedral’ Hall of La Fabbrica Del Vapore, Milan’s reference point of contemporary artistic expression. The artist’s magnificent painting, East Wind, depicts a frivolous wind slightly curving the branches of a naked tree symbolically blowing into existence an array of mystical worlds that glimpse at the spectator through distorted faces and figures in deceitful motion. Panos’ acrylic on canvas is exhibited at ‘La Cattedrale’ (Cathedral) alongside the works of other international and Italian artists participating in the ‘Freedom: the Art that Unites People’ exhibition created by Carlo Greco and Alessandra Magni.
Artists participating at the ‘Freedom’ exhibition have been let free to interpret the notion of freedom in their own unique way, be it conception, technique or artistic style. Similarly, spectators are invited to give their own interpretation of the notion of freedom as this is manifested in each of the artworks. More than twenty Italian and International Artists participate at the Exhibition. The exhibition is one of many artistic projects to take place over the summer at La Fabbrica Del Vapore (the Steam Factory), organized by the City of Milan on the occasion of the World Cup 2014.

Freedom: l’arte che unisce i popoli
From the 1st of July to the 17th of July 2014
Fabbrica del Vapore, Via Procaccini, Milan

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