A debate about contemporary, about an art digressing more and more into design and so the design into art: these are the different expertise areas of Paolo Baldacci and Daniela Volpi and the founding ideas of C.Ar.D., “Contemporary Art & Design”.

Him, academic, merchant and collector, and her, architect and president of the dell’Ordine degli Architetti cittadini, they decided to organize an event showing mutual influences between art and design, with the prestigious collaboration of Franco Raggi; the aim is to put in contact and sensitize the audience to this theme, organizing a rich program of conferences and debates.
The suggestive Val Tidone hills will be the nice frame of the whole event. As Baldacci tells us, they became “one of the most valued and required free time destination for cultural, journalistic, editorial and financial main exponents in northern Italy. It’s region destined, if well administrate, to a great touristic and cultural future”.
The first edition of C.Ar.D. will open on September the 12th and will animate four region’s villages till the 12th of October with eighteen between exhibitions and installations in eleven different locations in an aerea of just 30km.
Italian and international artists have been invited. After passing a long period in Val Tidone hills to get inspiration, they have been asked to realize site specific artworks, to show the relationship existing between art, territory and people who live in it.

Attilio Stocchi Interiora, 2014 Installazione, Rocca d'Olgisio, Pianello Rendering del progetto Courtesy e copyright: Attilio Stocchi

Attilio Stocchi, Interiora, 2014, Installazione, Rocca d’Olgisio, Pianello
Rendering del progetto
Courtesy e copyright: Attilio Stocchi

The exhibitions’ itinerary begins in Pianello, were, coming from Milan, we’re immediately received by a light but majestic wood installations by Dulio Forte, built in the Tidone river’s gravel bed. In Pianello it will be possible to visit exhibitions by James Hyde, Christopher Broadbent, Barney Kulok and other installations by Denis Santachiara and Jessica Stockholder. Among invited artists we also find Paola Anziché, Giordano Pozzi, Attilio Stocchi e Alice Cattaneo, whose artworks will be displayed in small villages around Pianello. Piozzano’s municipality will made available the ex Consorzio Agrario’s places for Rashaw Griffin, Ezra Johnson and Fabienne Lasserre, while in Villa Scotti Anguissola in Agazzano we’ll find Donna Moyland’s artworks and Ron Gilad’s installation. Finally, a group of artworks will be displayed in Lisignano Castle’s court, in Gazzola’s district.
Being C.Ar.D. firt of all an event having as main aim the “awakening of that collective sensibility who could convert this region in an example of harmonious coexistence of cultural and aesthetics traditions of our country and art, design or architecture interventions” (Volpi/Baldacci), a program of collateral events to sensitize the audience is expected. Conferences, shows and debates with artists already started this summer and they will continue till the end of the whole event, showing completeness of the instructive program of C.Ar.D.


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