MyTemplArt has conducted a journalistic inquiry on archiving and certifying issue about artwork, to understand what’s going on in the international market.

Frieze London, Fiac Paris, ArtVerona, Artissima Torino are the events between October and November 2014 where the inquiry – addressed to artists, gallerists, collectors – has taken place.

The first element was a considerable “backwardness” regarding tools for managing significant and scientific cataloguing that, in the meantime, meets market times. Though nearly all the interviewees consider artworks documentation accessibility as main information for his/her business, only the half of them owns an archive, often consulted through a single electronic device in a physical environment. Truly 92% of interviewees feel the lack of a system for bio-bibliographic information sharing among operators about artists and artworks, and also a tool for artwork electronic certification. This last issue is pretty close to the ancient and modern art market, where the 60% of the interviewees state to have come across fake artworks and certificates, together with the difficulty of getting information about non-authenticated artworks (70% notice that matter). So we do not feel surprised if 89% of interviewees confirm to be favorable to online systems for artworks cataloguing and tracing.

At present, on the Internet we have an increasing market of tool to look carefully at, and security is the very first factor to protect.


Deianira Amico
MyTemplArt Editorial Staff

Inquiry made in collaboration with LABA-Libera Accademia di Belle Arti



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