Editorial staff


Francesco CostantinoMyTemplArt® Magazine Director.
Since 2007 professional journalist, classical studies and a past in Sky. He lives between Brescia and Verona, married and owned a black Labrador called Gaia. Ex rugby player, he is one of the organizers of Festival of Beauty in Verona.


Paola Sacconi, MyTemplArt® Communication Manager.
Graduated in Art History and Criticism, she worked in web agencies and cultural associations specializing in next-generation artistic and cultural communication projects. A passion for social media and new technologies, she is MyTemplArt® Communication manager.

Ilaria Carvani

Ilaria Carvani, MyTemplArt® Press Office & PR.
Art historian and independent curator. Her scientific interests and vocations range from the art of nineteenth century to contemporay art. She gained experiences in both private and institutional fields and worked for many important organizations as Nomas Foundation and Villa Medici in Rome. She also collaborated with several magazines of the art industry.

Alessandra Ghinato

Alessandra Ghinato, Journalist in Milan.
Art historian and communication lover, she explores how new media changes the understanding of contemporary people and she studies its use in the cultural sphere. Interested in Eastern Europe contemporary art, she worked for important Italian institutions and she collaborates with art magazines.


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Valeria Ceregini, Journalist in Turin.
Art historian, after earning a degree in Communication Sciences and in History of Contemporary Art is currently enrolled at the Postgraduate School of Historical Artistic Heritage. Assists in artists’ archive projects. Besides writing critical texts for personal exhibitions’ catalogues, articles and reviews for several magazines of contemporary art is independent editorial and art curator.

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