The city of Paris is experiencing days of unrest, expecting FIAC 2014.

The event, entirely dedicated to art, takes place in the green spaces of the Jardin de Plantes-Muséum national d’Histoire Naturelle, starting on Friday 17 October. For another year it will also invest the Jardin des Tuileries and the Grand Palais (especially in the Nef, in the Salon d’honneur, in the galleries of the first level and the Secteur Lafayette) finally spreading to a number of cult places indicated in the program ‘hors les murs’

Im Wald, A + B Blume, 1992 Tirages sur papier aux sels d'argent 2 / 1.20 x 0,80 Courtesy Galerie Françoise Paviot Representé(e) par:Françoise Paviot

Im Wald, A + B Blume, 1992 Tirages sur papier aux sels d’argent 2 / 1.20 x 0,80 Courtesy Galerie Françoise Paviot Representé(e) par:Françoise Paviot

The 41th edition opens in the pursuit of big numbers: 191 galleries, 26 different countries (Italy is in fifth place, with 11 participations, after France, USA, Germany and the UK) with several new entries such as Norway, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, India and Japan. The participation of European countries is now lowered to 65% against 73% present at the last exhibition.
The event started with a small controversy on ‘The Tree’, the giant work signed Paul McCarthy located at Place Vendôme, which has been vandalized and will not be re-installed, in agreement with the American artist. This large exhibition is characterized by a strong generalist vocation, being the essential event of the contemporary artistic season since 1974. This institution is very implicated in the ideas of current creation and able to relate to the changes taking place in the world of exhibitions. From the exhibition spaces to the refreshing use of museums and galleries, through the new way of communicating its very essence, the FIAC remains one of the most important hubs of European reflection on the art world. Based on a well established mechanism of integration between public and private institutions, this important art fair is a privileged glimpse, designed to embrace at a glance both modern and contemporary art, without forgetting the echoes of emerging creation. Located in the earth of the city of artists, the FIAC reproduces very closely the macrocosm of the art as it is today, focusing on current practices, summing up the extreme mutability of creation.
In a spirit of continuity that has been going on for more than four decades, the FIAC has renewed itself, opening to the urban fabric of Paris and embracing some new architectural elements, as shown by (OFF) ICIELLE, the new fair pole located at the Docks this year.

The big news: (OFF) ICIELLE

The most important new feature of the (OFF) ICIELLE, declination of the fair (in the new picturesque location opened in spring 2012), held from 22 to 26 October 2014 at the Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design, is the modern green snake that runs along the Seine near the Gare d’Austerlitz (XIII arrondissement). The (OFF) ICIELLE will be inaugurated in avant-premiere on October 21st and will continue with a series of parallel activities with those of the traditional pole installed at the Grand Palais. An atypical site able to bring together the pioneers and the rising artists on the international scene. We invite you to discover our suggestions, such as La Galerie Particulière

Confirmations: the YCI program and the Prix Duchamp

Among the expected returns we recommend the YCI program (Young Curators Invitational), now in its ninth edition. A project sponsored by the Fondation Enterprise Ricard and the Institut Français, intended to support a selection of young curators and also the Prix Duchamp a prestigious and awaited recognition that will be announced on 25 October and awarded to one of the four selected artists.

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