Richard Long, Jeff Wall and Enrico Castellani are the protagonists of Galleria Lorcan O’Neill’s new space opening.

Galleria Lorcan O’Neill has converted a Renaissance stables building in Rome’s historical centre to house its new gallery. The new space will be Lorcan O’Neill’s principal Rome gallery and will open on 4 July with an exhibition of Richard Long, Jeff Wall and celebrated Italian artist Enrico Castellani. The gallery complex comprises two exhibition spaces, viewing rooms and a private roof garden that will be used to display sculpture and installation work. Situated close to the old Jewish Quarter, the gallery is entered via a beautiful private courtyard, which is dominated by a fountain representing Venus rising from a shell. The space was formerly a stables compound for the Palazzo Santacroce, which was built by the illustrious Santacroce family between 1598 and 1668. The Santacroces gave birth to four cardinals and their origins trace back to the foundation of Republican Rome.
The new space will open with an exhibition of Enrico Castellani, Richard Long and Jeff Wall. Both Long and Wall have worked with the gallery since its inception and had the first exhibitions at the gallery in 2003. The opening exhibition will be followed in October by an exhibition of new work by British artist Eddie Peake who will work in Rome throughout the preceding summer. Lorcan O’Neill continues to encourage artists to work in Rome, engaging with the city as a source of inspiration and creativity.


Richard Long, Enrico Castellani and Jeff Wall
Opening the 4th  of July 2014
04 July 2014 – 30 September 2014
Vicolo dei Catinari 3, Roma


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