MyTemplArt® expands its network and participates in the Research 2016 of Digital Innovation in Arts & Cultural Heritage Observatory by School of Management of Politecnico di Milano started last March 15th.

Digital Innovation Observatories promoted by School of Management of Politecnico di Milano are the reference point in Italy for all those who are interested in business innovation through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Observatories activities are managed by a team of more than 80 professors, researchers and analysts working on over 30 different Observatories that analise all the key topics of the Digital Innovation in Companies (including SMEs) and in Public Administration.
Numerous preliminary investigations and published data about art and culture industry in Italy in 2015 have highlighted the need to develop a systemic and integrated view of digital innovation in Arts & Cultural Heritage to create new ways of promotion and participation.

The Observatory Digital Innovation in Arts & Cultural Heritage would like to introduce a detailed analysis, now missing, about digital innovation applied to the preservation, enhancement, management, promotion, marketing processes of the Heritage, products and services in the art and culture market, to facilitate the cultural ecosystem upgrading. Then, the Observatory aims to intercept the emerging trends in digital innovation applied and applicable to arts and culture in general and to facilitate the dialogue between supply and demand players to spread the digital innovation culture and trace the evolutionary lines of the sector. Research, community and communication are the key words that will identify three important moments in the Observatory.

Considering the objectives and analised topics, MyTemplArt® participates to this project as it is already a digital innovation model applied to the art industry.


MyTemplArt® is a services aggregator that allows: the scientific cataloging and digitization of all types of artwork and/or document thanks to a cloud platform that allows to work, view and edit the material from anywhere; the information sharing between player according to the filters and user-defined mode ensuring security and privacy; the certification of authenticity facilitating realese and obtainment processes, by fighting counterfeit to safeguard the Heritage. In addition, new add on are working in process to increase users services and facilitate the work for art community maintaining advanced and complete standards.

MyTemplart® participation to the Observatory Digital Innovation in Arts & Cultural Heritage will be a moment of confrontation with other players in digital and cultural sectors in order to create new synergies and strategic partnerships and to promote the growth and the promotion of CloudArt project.

Cover Image: Art Basel 2012 © MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG


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