Publishing plan

MyTemplArt® Magazine is a daily newspaper with in-depth information about main topics in the world of art. Registered at the Court of Milano and subscribed to the list of Special Editorial.

Our principle task is to create a large discussion on the topics of archiving and certifying of artworks faced through insights, interviews, news and focus.

We talk with collectors, artists, archives’ curators, foundations, museums, public and private. We go where there is no event. A line of research is related to the relationship between art and technology and to the news on digital innovations that can be applied to the artistic-cultural system.

The editorial project supports the importance of creating a shared awareness on the conservation and enhancement of the works of art through digital innovation.

The topics and formats

Archives & Institutions.
Public and private art Archives, museums and foundations will be at the centre of the debate about how to catalog, preserve and promote the art.

Public and private collectors talk about their experiences on the archive practices and authentication management.

Work method, approach to cataloging and certification of artworks by those working in the art market.

The archive value, the artworks management and the certificate of authenticity for those who create art.

Art Market.
Auctions, art fairs and news to follow trends and critical issues.

A direct contact at involving the protagonists of the art world, from art producers to archivists and collectors.

Law and finance.
All legal and financial aspects related to the cataloging, safeguarding, enhancement and certification of artworks.

Arts & Technology.
The most interesting news about technology applied to arts and cultural heritage.

MyTemplArt® Project.
All news and updates on MyTemplArt® Project.


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