SALON VIDEO and MAGMA Contemporary Art Space invite you to the opening of the archive-exhibition salonvideo_SUBmissions.

The project provides an interactive platform for the audience, where we can both actively select and be passive viewers of the different works. The exhibition presents 70 audio- and videoworks, which were submitted to salonvideo’s open call from 2013 for the exhibition entitled MATTERS OF METHOD, Iași (December 6 –22, 2013).

During the organization of the five editions of SALON VIDEO, the organizers used different methods of application and selection: the works were either submitted as a reply to an open call, or they were selected after a research process. By using different methods, the organizers made an attempt to question and understand better the methods of selection themselves, together with the concepts of curatorial work and of art exhibiton. This time, salonvideo presents a set of works, that were submitted to a previous open call with the common topic MATTERS OF METHOD, without any selection at all. These works can be viewed in any kind of order, depending on the audience’s momentary inspiration. It is possible that some works won’t be opened at all, while some others would be repeatedly viewed on the four different viewing stations. When the works are viewed, the processes of selection and framing are inevitable. Preseting the works this way is a paradox: while a set of audio- and videoworks are presented as if they were on the screen of our personal computers, the viewing process itself is influenced by the public and dynamiccharacter of the exhibition space itself. This space can change at any time, when another work is played by another viewer, or when the audience is completely still.

SALON VIDEO is a platform for showing and experimenting with video art, primarily open to artists from Romania. The project was initiated by Daniela Palimariu in 2012, with the participation of Dan Basu, and it is now run together with Luminita Apostu.

Opening December 17, 2014, 19.00
18.12.2014 – 11.01.2015, h: 11-19 every day, except for Mondays and holidays
MAGMA Contemporary Art Space, Sf. Gheorghe
str. Tigaretei u. nr. 53. sz.
Sfântu Gheorghe / Sepsiszentygörgy
520033 – Romania

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