The matter of archiving remains one of the most fascinating area of interest for artists all around the world.

The archive preserves the past, its remnants and records, within a repository of human knowledge. Selective Memory: Artists in the archive explores the ways in which Irish and international artists continually return to the archive, in order to imbue it with a new sense of subjectivity and individuality. Drawing on photographs, documents, film footage and texts, artists have used the archive to create new works from existing materials, to unsettle established readings of the past and to imagine alternative narratives. The specific materials associated with the archive are revealed in the work of several artists. Miek Zwamborn’s sculptural installation is inspired by her research into a 19th century herbarium or plant album found in the archives in which she works. Anne Ramsden’s project Museum of the Everyday finds its material in the photographs that the artist collects on her online flickr archive.

Developed in partnership with Digital Arts & Humanities, University College Cork, Selective Memoryexplores the archive as a space that is continually open to new readings and revisions.

Cover: Anne Ramsden, The Museum of everyday


Ilaria Carvani




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